03/2018- Update

Good news! I finally found some help and with God's help i should be having all 2017 wedding out within the next four months! It's such a relieve :)

Also, I get that some of you are upset an that's fine, I get it. But, if you're going to write a review be honest about it, don't concentrate on one bad thing. I'm mostly writing this message for the clients who already got their photos but are waiting on their albums. Be patient guys! at least you got your images on time. Talk about how much you raved about my work and the beautiful photos you received. It's not fair that you give me ONE star because I'm super delayed on your album. If that's my only downfall because of whats happening to me, be fair. Don't forget on how amazing your experience with me was before booking, during your engagement session, photos after, during your wedding, and the final wedding photos. It saddens me to see how immature people can get over a book. If i sucked as a photographer and your photos were like a 10 year old took them, then sure, i can understand the ONE star BUT that's not the case here. BE FAIR and HONEST on your rating. Its not a reason why people should not book. This is the first year my live has crashed and burned and hit rock bottom. FIRST.


Hello to all 2017 clients! I've added this new tab to my website due to the overwhelming amount of e-mails and phone calls I'm receiving. Theres been a lot of changes in my life and some of you care and some have told me "shit happens but..." (My album is more important) with that said, I want you all to know that i am doing my absolute BEST to edit every single one of your weddings. As stated in my contract it takes "An AVERAGE of six months" to receive your photos. Unfortunately, this year has been THE WORST year in my personal life. It has been thing after things coming my way. For example, my year started with having unfortunate miscarriages to my Fiancé loosing his job 2 weeks ago, and now my car being stolen 3 days ago (December 2017), and I'm not even going to mention the worst of it all that had occurred in the middle of the year. With this said, as I do not like putting my business out there like this, I'm pretty much pushed to do so, in order for many of you to understand that I am human, and things, bad things, do happen and have happened to me and my Family.

I used to have a staff that would edit for me but I don't any longer. The only 2 editors i trusted to edit just like me have moved and can no longer assist me. Because of this and the above mentioned, my priority is to edit all 2017 weddings before I can start with designing any albums. For those who already have their photos, and have had their photos because your wedding was more then 2 years ago, please understand that if you've taken more then 2 years to submit your photo selections, its going to take a while for me to get to you. There's all the weddings after you that have already submitted their photos. If you've waited more then 2 years to submit them, I think you can wait one more till I catch up. I'm very organized and I do have a list of the albums that need to be designed. Please don't e-mail me every other month asking for the status of your design. The constant e-mails with the same questions and me writing the same answer doesn't speed up the process, It actually stresses me out even more and it delays me every time i have to stop to read the same thing.

Photo wise I'm running about 4 months behind. Album wise, It's definitely going to be a year wait before i can start designing any albums.


You guys have nothing to worry about as all of you have only hired me for Photography and I'll be caught up by the time your photos are due because I will no longer be booking like I use to since I don't have the staff for such high volume as before.


Sincerely yours, (and i couldn't be more Sincere)