About US

Tè Cachè Photography provides professional wedding photography in the Hudson Valley. Our services include weddings, sweet-sixteens, corporate events, Bar- and Bat Mitzvahs, reunions, anniversaries, birthdays, family portraits and other special celebrations. We serve the greater Hudson Valley area including Dutchess, Putnam, Westchester, Orange, Ulster, Rockland and Columbia counties.

Tè Cachè comes from the Spanish words meaning "I caught you", which is what we do! We catch you, we see you, we capture you! 

Tè Cachè Photography is owned and operated by lead photographer Fatima Avila. When you hire Fatima, you gain more than just a photographer; often the happy couple gains a friend. She strives to give your photography a personal feel and helps encapsulate your special day. The Tè Cachè crew's passion and experience allows them to create and express their talent throughout the entire wedding event. From the moment Tè Cachè's photographers start shooting to the last minute of the night, the crew's creative imagination and artistic eye are hard at work!

Our competitive packages include engagement sessions, all-day photography, two photographers, custom albums, reception slide shows featuring same-day photos, parent albums, guest books, thank-you cards canvas prints and more! 

We love what we do, and would love to "capture" you!


Fatima A.


34, New Windsor, NY

I have been enjoying wedding photography for the past 7 years. My passion and experience allows me to create and express my talent throughout the entire wedding day as well as my team. From the moment we start shooting, to the last picture of the night, our creative imagination and artistic eye is hard at work! 
I am a romantic at heart and love to capture those special moments! When clients ask me my style of Photography, my answer is... I have none. I don't place myself in any category. When I'm with you, I'm not just your Photographer, I become your friend, your bridesmaid, your planner. I capture who you are when you're with your life partner. I capture how your friends and Family feel sharing special moments with you. Every soul is different, every moment is felt differently. Therefore, I don't have a specific style, I capture YOUR style. I feel there's nothing better than capturing a heartfelt moment, a look, a kiss, a touch, a smile....

To tell you a little about myself... I was born in Ecuador, and adopted there by two beautiful souls at 6 months old. When I was 10 years old, my Mom brought me to Brooklyn. Learning the English language was hard. By the age of 13, I was able to have a full conversation with people. As life went on, at the age of 20, I drove across country to live in beautiful Arizona. Where I gave birth to my beautiful Son Quentin, who's now 11 years old. He is the love of my life, and I strive to build a great future for him. At 26, I discovered my true talent as a Photographer. I was given a chance to offer free reception photography, and LOVED IT!! from there on, clients started asking if I was willing to photograph their entire wedding. Of course, I took that challenge and the rest is history. Here I am running my own Photography Company with an amazing crew. I've been blessed with AMAZING clients, and I wouldn't change this for the world. My passion and experience allows me to create and express my talent throughout the entire wedding day as well as my team. 

​I am looking forward to meeting you, and be part of one of the most important day of your life!

“Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.”



Erik S.


33, Danbury, CT

I have been shooting since I was thirteen years old when I brought a hand-me-down 35mm camera to Quebec, Canada. I immediately fell in love with photography and was told my many to have a natural eye for it. With only a couple photography courses to my name, I am largely self-taught and feel that you can never know everything there is about photography as there are so many different styles and methods to achieving the same results. The passion of photography began to take on a business aspect when my images began to be requested for purchase.

My style of photography is centered on the candid shot. This is where I feel the real moments are captured, and with the best photojournalists you wouldn’t even know they were there to get them. My goal when shooting a wedding is to create images that will bring joy, laughter, and a ‘wow’ factor.

Aside from wedding photography, I enjoy shooting landscapes, animals, and automobiles. I have had my work used on FoxNews NY online, Schmap New York Guide as well as shot for Skip Barber Racing School and the Sixth-Generation Celica Car Club annual calendar.



Rebecca S.


26, Irvington, NY

My name is Rebeca. I am a self-taught conceptual and portrait photographer, based out of Orange County, New York.  My first introduction into photography was at sixteen years old, when my sister gave me her old film camera. I was immediately fascinated and in awe of it. Albeit a bit of a nuisance to my unsuspecting family members, as the camera seldom left my hand and I wanted to document everything and everyone. I graduated in 2010 with my associates in Liberal Arts. I dabbled in other things, before returning to my first love, photography. Photography has a way of capturing a moment or telling a story, to make the viewer feel an emotion without ever saying a word and that's what I strive for. What I love about wedding photography in particular is that it’s a unique experience every time, with its own personal story and it allows me to capture sincere moments in other people’s lives. Being a photographer is a beautiful journey.



Nicole P.


27, Pleasant Valley, NY

My name is Nicole. I live in Pleasant Valley, New York and i am 26 years old. I was born in Dutchess County, went to school locally, and have created a nice environment for myself. I graduated from Arlington high school in 2006, I went to Dutchess community college where I acquired my associates degree in liberal arts. In addition to that, I began to work at a catering facility, which was highly favorited for our hospitality. There, I learned how to make people happy, whether it be my boss, the bride and groom, the grandmother of the bride, the drunk groomsmen, or that little flower girl that doesn't want to be in any pictures. While catering to all, I met lots of people including photographers. Since then, I have worked with many talented photographers throughout the Hudson Valley and NYC. I am most thankful for my experience that i have learned from. I try to create photographs that tell stories. Every love is a different love. Every client is different. My style is more documentary with as much natural light as I am given. What I aim for, no pun intended, is important details about your wedding day, special moments, colors, family, tears, happiness, smiles, excitement, time, and emotion. A picture is worth a thousand words. Currently, I am now specializing in weddings, celebrity events, portraits, family photos, animal photography, and landscapes. I am always up for something new, and I truly love what I do.