Tè Cachè | Photos & Album Updates

***This website will expire sometime in August 2018*** Please DO NOT freak out! this does NOT mean I've fleeted, ran away, or stopped working on your images. I'm not booking anymore till I've caught up with everything, therefore; theres no need for me to renew and paying for things i won't be using for the next 2 years***


All 2017 weddings will start shipping out within the next 3 months. 2018 you guys have been receiving your photos within 30 days, THANK YOU for not canceling my services. Whoever has received your album design but album wasn't order, I don't have a date for you but you are next in line for orders to start going through. For those who sent in your list before this notice, you will be receiving a refund for your album/Canvas. All 2017 clients who already received your links for your wedding video but not the hard copy w/raw footage, that's in the works as well. When I e-mailed you the links you should've downloaded the videos. I no longer have a subscription to where I had them stored therefore; you'll have to wait to receive the hard copy. PLEASE!! duplicate and save all photos & Videos you'll be receiving. I will NOT be storing any jobs I've shot. Once you receive it, it'll be deleted. 

To those who didn't jump in the "Lets ruin everything Fatima built wagon", you have no idea how much I appreciate you and cherish your loyalty. Your patients, your respect for others downfall is not something that everyone has. It' obvious to me that you've had some rough times and understand what it is to hit rock bottom. It'll take me some time but I will be paying you back the kindness and patients you've shown my Family & I, without knowing in depth the nightmare & Pain we've been dealing with. I'm so thankful to you. For those who have my personal information and didn't share it, no matter what you heard, I appreciate you and your friendship as well. Thank you so very much for understanding my situation and not allowing others judgements ruin who you know I am, and it's definitely NOT a "thieve" like many have said. Christina, what I wrote on my last post was not towards you. I'm sorry i didn't have the moment to respond to you. I do want to tell you, your e-mail touched me. To everyone, I'm sorry that I haven't taken the easy route of just sending you the RAW images as you've requested. That's not what you paid me for, and that's not why you booked me. You booked me to receive my final product and that's what you'll be receiving XO

To those who exaggerated on how much you've paid for my services, and lied about what you haven't received, and lied about how long you've been waiting, for the threatening voicemails & e-mails, to the one who didn't bother mentioning how Te Cache shot her wedding "Part 2" at no charge but had no problem trashing my name, to the back stabbing photographer who booked weddings that I had already booked him as my second shooter, behind my back, you disgust me. I don't wish that anyone goes through what myself, my fiancé and our kids are going through but, if you do, you're going to learn not to judge anyone because no one really knows what goes on behind closed doors. On my previous post i only shared the tip of the iceberg. It wasn't just one thing that got me. It was serious of events afterwards.